Top 5 Best Ice Fishing Rods of 2018 - Guide & Reviews

When it comes to the best ice fishing rods, the fishing equipment market is plentiful of them. Most of the top fishing equipment brands or companies have some of the best deals and packages on fishing rods. This rod specifically designed for ice fishing come in various lengths and weight. There is a rod for every type of ice fishermen out there. But today we are going to review 5 of the best ice fishing rods available right now in the market. Though there are numerous brands out there, that are ready to fulfill your ice fishing needs, these 5 ice fishing rods, are a force to reckon with.

1. Berkley Lightning Rod Ice Fishing Rod & Reel Combo

Berkley Lightning Rod Ice Fishing Rod & Reel Combo

This ice fishing rod and reel combo from Berkley is the most well-made ice fishing rods out there. Firstly the rod is very lightweight due to it having a blank construction made out of fiberglass.

Being made out of fiberglass makes this ice fishing rod very responsive and durable as well

The rod though having a rugged texture and look to it is just perfect for cold winter climate. Cold climate is very harsh upon other types of rods, but this Berkley Lightning rod is industry standard cold weather proof. The guides will never freeze up in cold weather. You can easily catch your desired fish without worries of your rod snapping in the cold temperature.

The 24-inch version of the rod is very ultra-light and can easily be used to catch fish like bluegill, small sized trout, and crappie. The rod can easily handle lure/baits weighing 1/64-1/16 oz and fishing lines weighing 1-4 pounds.

The rod is able to flex itself, when under load. The many layers of materials used to construct this rod make it a very overall responsive ice fishing rod. The grips are made of cork so that you get better warm and comfortable handling. It also makes sure the rod does not slip out of your hand when it gets wet in cold weather conditions.

Highlight Features

  • The rod comes with an ultra-light design and weight, which is perfect for ice fishing in cold and icy weather conditions.
  • Made out of rugged industry standard fiberglass. The rod will never snap even in extremely cold weather.
  • The cork grips ensure that the rod never slips from your hand, even when it gets wet.
  • Being lightweight allows the rod to provide you with better response and flexibility.


  • Made from a high-quality fiberglass material that makes it very lightweight.
  • The rod can be used anywhere and not for only ice fishing.
  • The rod is very portable and can be carried during travel.
  • The rod has a very responsive and durable performance in ice cold weather.


  • Its rugged construction and texture might not feel comfortable in all kinds of hands.
  • Inability to handle bigger sized fish.

The Berkley Lightning Rod Ice Fishing Rod & Reel Combo is a very solidly performing fishing rod for every type of ice fishing angler out there. Buy it right now, if you want a rugged ice fishing rod that can perform in the toughest weather conditions.

2. Clam Dave Genz Split Handle Series Ice Fishing Rod

Clam Dave Genz Split Handle Series Ice Fishing Rod Review

The Clam Dave Genz Split Handle Series ice fishing rods were specifically designed to catch and handle large-sized fish. This is a very peculiarly designed ice fishing rod that comes with a 30-inch length.

The rod is constructed of blank graphite and extends from the tip of this rod to the butt. Near the bottom is where the handle splits, and some part of the rod is exposed.

This exposed part allows you to feel every minuscule bite on the rod, by holding onto it. This is new design concept, especially for ice fishing rods.

The grip is constructed from cork material. It allows you catch and handle larger fish and also is very comfortable to hold during those long hours of fishing. The rod comes with a medium power.

The rod has the capability to hold most fishing lines in place due to it having stainless steel guides with solid chrome rings. The rod is compatible with any type of reel and can even hold thick lines without a sweat.

The handle design is somewhat unorthodox and takes some time getting used to at first. But once you get used to it, ice fishing with it is a piece of cake. This is a rod not built for newbie’s and is mainly targeted towards expert level ice fishermen. The rod can be used to catch Lake Trout, Pike, Walleyes and Salmon pretty easily.

Highlight Features

  • The cork handle and fore grip make it comfortable to hold in hands.
  • Stainless steel guides with chrome rings have the capability to hold any sort of line.
  • The blank of the rod has an exposed design, good for rod sensitivity.
  • The reel seat is constructed of Soft-touch graphite and can be screwed up.


  • The rod is compatible with most conventional fishing reels.
  • The rod has a very stable and durable overall construct.
  • The unique split handle design provides its user with increased sensitivity when handling small fish.
  • The rod is very light in the hands.


  • Not very beginner friendly, due to its unorthodox handle design.
  • The rod only provides the user with medium action.

The Clam Dave Genz Split Handle Series Ice Fishing Rod is a uniquely designed ice fishing rod that is designed to provide you with industry standard performance. Buy it now, if you want a solidly constructed rod that can handle large sized fish.

3. Fiblink Graphite Ice Fishing Rod

Fiblink Graphite Ice Fishing Rod Review

The Fiblink Graphite ice fishing rod is a user-friendly ice fishing rod with a lightweight construct. Its blank is constructed from graphite making it very lightweight and also durable in cold weather conditions. This blank goes through the handle, which is made of cork. The cork handle is comfy to hold even with cold hands.

This fishing rod comes in 2 sizes 24 inches and 30 inches. The 24-inch one weighs around 2.2 ounces and comes with a medium power and action. The 30-inch model weighs around 2.4 once and has a medium-light power and action. If you want to catch fish like walleye and pan fish, the smaller 24-inch rod would be a very good option.

This ice fishing rod is specifically designed to work with spinning reels, although any type of reel will work. The steel guides are of the highest quality aluminium oxide and can take the weight of any type of fishing line. But we will suggest avoiding bait casting lines.

The rod has a problem with detecting smaller fish, but perfect for catching medium sized fishes. The handle has been specially designed to fit any kind of hand so that the user can enjoy ice fishing expeditions without any pressure on their hands. The rod is a bit stiff at times, but once you get used to it, it provides pretty good action.

Highlight Features

  • The rod comes with a cork grip, making it comfy to hold and fit in any type of hand.
  • Available up to 30 inches of length with medium power and action.
  • Very durable and lightweight to use, due to having aluminium oxide guides.
  • The rod blank is constructed of fine quality graphite.
  • Fits any hand, due to its one size fits all style handle.


  • The handle is very comfortable to hold.
  • The rod comes in two user-friendly sizes.
  • The design and overall construction are very well-built and durable.
  • It is compatible with most lines and reels.


  • The rod is a bit stiff and less sensitive than other ice fishing rods.

This is the most affordable graphite based ice fishing rod out there. 3. Fiblink has been on the market for quite some time, and their ice fishing rods have never gone out of demand. We suggest you buy this rod now if you want a quality ice fishing rod that won’t cost over your budget.

4. 13 Fishing Ultra Light Wicked Ice Rod

13 Fishing Ultra Light Wicked Ice Rod Review

The 13 fishing ultra light wicked ice rod is a decent ice fishing rod from manufacturers 13 Fishing. 13 fishing over the years has made some nice fishing products. Users of their fishing rods have been very happy with the rods and reels. This ultra light wicked ice rod has continued with the 13 fishing’s tradition of providing anglers with the best ice fishing rods.

This rod comes with a length of 24 inches and provides anglers with ultra light power and action. The rod is constructed from Solid Toray graphite blank, which makes the rod ultra light and also very tough to break. The handle comes with a cork grip and is designed using what 13 fishing claims to be “Evolve carbon”, which makes the rod extra sensitive, even to the smallest of fish bites.

The reel seats and guides are also constructed using Evolve carbon and provide the user with solid performance, unlike any other ice fishing rod out there. Having moderate action allows anglers to set their fishing hooks appropriately, with no fear of the lines breaking the guides and hook.

This fishing rod can be said to have an overall smooth and balanced performance. The rod is perfect for catching shallow water panfish and trout.

Highlight Features

  • The rod blank is constructed using solid toray graphite making it super light.
  • The Evolve performance guides can withstand cold weather conditions.
  • The evolve carbon divide handle which comes with a cork grip for a comfortable hold.
  • Evolve reel seat, allows the angler to operate the line with smoothness.


  • The rod is very comfortable and roomy to use for any fish angler.
  • The evolve reel seat is designed very ergonomically and is quite sturdy.
  • Premium quality materials used for each and every part of the rod.
  • Ultralight, so your hands are not strained in any way.
  • The solid Toray graphite blank makes the rod very light and also provides solid guides to set your preferred fishing hooks.


  • The rod is incapable of handling large sized fish, due to its ultra-light design.

This ice fishing rod by 13 fishing has premium written all over it. The build quality to the performance everything has a premium feel to it. We suggest you buy this rod right now if you’re in search of a premium quality rod, that too at an affordable wallet-friendly price.

5. Piscifun 2 Sections Medium Light Graphite Ice Fishing Rod Black

Piscifun 2 Sections Medium Light Graphite Review

The Piscifun 2 Sections Medium Light Graphite Ice Fishing Rod Black is last on our list of top 5 best ice fishing rods of 2017. They say you have to save the best for last, and this is definitely the best ice fishing rod out there.The Piscifun 2 comes with the most flexible design there is. The rod is designed saltwater fishing and has a length of about 6 feet.

The rods carbon fibre build makes it very light to hold. It has higher sensitivity if you compare it to fibreglass rods available in the market. The smallest fish nibbles are felt throughout the rod. Most anglers out there choose carbon fibre rods when ice fishing for this reason.

The stainless steel guides help the rod maintain a low profile and also make it balanced and lightweight to hold. The steel guides prevent friction by providing extreme heat dissipation. The lines will never break when you are tackling heavy fish.

The handle grip is made of premium quality EVA foam, so that the rod never slips, even when in wet hands. The best part is the rod can be cleaned using detergent powder. Easily wash off fish slime or oil from the rod. The handle also ensures that you can fix the rod in a rod holder during those long hours of fishing.

Highlight Features

  • The stainless steel guides are very lightweight and are anti-friction.
  • The EVA foam grip ensures you get a solid grip on the rod.
  • The rod blanks are constructed of graphite, which is completely icy weather proof.
  • Ensures the highest performance, even in harsh weather conditions.


  • The pole can be broken down for easy carrying around and transportation purposes.
  • The rod can be used to catch and tackle the biggest fishes.
  • The EVA foam grip on the handle is premium quality.
  • The graphite blanks ensure the rod will not break even in freezing temperature.
  • The tip is very flexible, and will not snap under heavy pressure


  • The rod is a bit overpriced for beginners who want to get into ice fishing.

The Piscifun 2 is specially designed to make your ice fishing expeditions more fun and enjoyable. The ergonomic design it comes with makes it an ice fishing rod worth considering. Buy this rod right now if you want an ice fishing rod that can both perform and withstand the test of time.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best fishing rods

When looking for the best ice fishing rods, one must look into some major factors, that will help you better decide which ice fishing rod to buy. These factors are very critical for finding out which ice fishing rod will suit you the best. The factors that you must keep in mind are as follows:

The power of the rod

Fishing rods come with different power sets, mostly light, ultra light, medium and heavy. You will always as a have to consider as an ice fisherman the amount of strength it takes to twist or bend an ice fishing rod.

Rods that bend easily will always be the top priority for any angler, as these types of ice fishing rods provide you with flexibility. These types of rods also help you detect the smallest nibbles and bites by fish on the rod.

The material used to make the rod

Finding the best ice fishing rods solely depends on the material used to construct the rod. Fibreglass and graphite are two of the most commonly used materials for making ice fishing rods. Graphite and fiberglass each have their own unique advantages.

Fibreglass rods are very durable and are less sensitive to harsh and cold weather conditions. They are extremely flexible as well.

Graphite, on the other hand, is an overall more sensitive and light material used for ice fishing rods. They tend to be a bit on the expensive side also.

Choosing the right rod material should solely depend on the type of fishing you are doing and the weather conditions you will be fishing in.

The fish species you desire to catch

The fish species you want to catch are as important as the power of your ice fishing rod. Each power level works best with certain species of fish.

For example, ultra-light rods are used by anglers who are aiming to catch panfish.

Light powered rods are more suitable for catching fish like perch.

Medium powered ice fishing rods are designed to catch bigger fish like trout, walleye, and white fish.

Lake trout and pike can be easily caught by using heavy powered ice fishing rods.

Ultra heavy fishing rods are also available, which allow anglers to go for a surf and deep-sea fishing.

Type of fishing reel

Using the right reel for ice fishing is an important factor to consider. Try to use a small reel that won’t get in your way. The reel and the ice fishing rod should match in size too. Make sure the reel has a decent drag system and instant anti-reverse feature as well.

Also keep in mind that front drag systems perform much better than rear drag systems, during ice fishing.


Carrying the right ice fishing gear is always important when on an ice fishing expedition. Sometimes it might take a few hours and sometimes a whole night, having the right fishing rod will make your efforts more fruitful. Always try to follow what other fish anglers are buying. The most top-rated ice fishing rods come with various features and components that set them apart.

You will have to carefully choose one that can handle the harsh weather, temperature, and conditions. Construction, power, length, and application must also be considered when buying a fishing rod. The top 5 best ice fishing rods mentioned on the above list have been chosen following tcriteria’s. So keep calm and buy them without any worries. Happy ice fishing!! hese

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