Top 5 Best Saltwater Fishing Rods For 2017 - Guide & Reviews

Even the best saltwater fishing rods change their performance in different fishing situations. You can’t only define what the best saltwater fishing rod is. You have to understand the dynamics of a fishing rod to get the best one that will enhance your fishing experience. You also have to keep in mind some aspects like the power of your fishing rod. The best saltwater fishing rods are a mixture of power, performance, quality, and price. In this article, we’ll review 5 of the best saltwater fishing rods of 2017 that fall under these criteria’s. These saltwater fishing rods will redefine your saltwater fishing experience, by helping you catch more fish on a regular basis.

1. St. Croix Mojo Inshore Spinning Rods

St. Croix Mojo Inshore Spinning Rods Review

Number one our list of best saltwater fishing rods is the St. Croix Mojo Inshore Spinning Rods. These are bars perfect for almost any kind of the fishery. The St. Croix Mojo is very light and soft to use. They are also not as stiff as you would expect them to be. They are perfect non-bargain bin rods.

The bar comes in four types or versions, Medium fast (MF), Medium-to-heavy Fast (MHF) and medium to light fast (MLF) and dark fast (HF). They are also available in various sizes as well, such as 7 foot, 7-foot-6, etc. The rod is very robust and can easily tackle fish like tarpon and also light enough to handle fish like flounder and speckled trout.

The entire rod is made from premium quality graphite. The bar comes with a 316 stainless steel corrosion resistant frames which come with aluminum oxide guides made by Batson Forecast. Overall it is sturdier than 304 stainless steel frames. The spinning rods come with reel seats made by Fuji DPS and also come with black hoods. The handles also come in various sizes, each suitable for a particular hand size.

Highlight Features

  • Made of premium quality SCII graphite making it lightweight as well as sturdy.
  • Specially designed for high-performance saltwater fishing.
  • Batson Forecast® hard aluminum-oxide guides with 316 stainless-steel frames making it very resistant to corrosion.
  • Fuji DPS reel seat/black hoods come on all spinning models.
  • Comes with a split-grip and a premium-grade cork handle.
  • 2 coats of Flex Coat slow-cure finish make it look exquisite.


  • A well-designed fishing rod makes it an attraction for every angler.
  • A highly lightweight and sensitive fishing rod.
  • There is no compromise on the material used to make the bar.
  • The rod is very user-friendly.
  • Performance that is on par with higher priced saltwater fishing rods.


  • The rod is at times very unbalanced in dark weather conditions.
  • Though user-friendly, it is not a fishing rod for beginners.

It's a saltwater fishing rod with some very enticing features that are sure to attract any angler out there. Buy it now, if you want performance and durability at a wallet-friendly price.

2. Piscifun Graphite Spinning Fishing Rod 4 Pieces Travel Pole

Piscifun Graphite Spinning Fishing Rod 4 Pieces Travel Pole Review

This medium action rod comes with a length of 6’6”. Having a line weight of 8 to 17 lbs makes it perfect for usage with fluoro, mono, and super lines. The rods blank is made from carbon fiber using armor core technology. It makes it very durable as well as lightweight. It can easily hold 1/4- to 1 1/4-ounce lures.

Maximum casting performance and sensitivity have implemented on the rod by using premium quality ceramic guide sets. All the guides are equally spaced so that the rod can provide you with frictionless fishing.

Rigged worms, drop shot weights, crank baits or spinner baits can easily be used with the rod, due to it having a multipurpose hook keeper. All your baits and lures will be just a reach away.

The hybrid is triple bonded, which makes the rod very sturdy, reliable and robust. The 24-slit carbon core provides the rod with a much-needed backbone. 8-ton E-glass has been used for additional strength. It also increases the durability and flexibility of the rod.

Highlight Features

  • The high-quality ceramic guide sets that provides high quality casting performance with friction free fishing.
  • Carbon fiber blank is made with armor core technology.
  • Comes with a multipurpose hook keeper so that you can keep a tag on all your hooks.
  • A very easy to assemble fishing with just 4 pieces, which makes it suitable for long traveling.


  • The hook is very simple and easy to set.
  • The rod is very portable and can be carried during long trips.
  • The rods are very lightweight, yet powerful.
  • The eyelets are made of solid material, which will last a lifetime.
  • Made for activities like hiking and traveling.


  • The round will break during 1st usage if taken care a bit roughly.

It can be considered as the highest selling rod by Piscifun. It is mostly in demand due to its stylish aluminum oxide guides. Buy it right now if you want a solid 4-piece traveling rod.

3. St. Croix Tidemaster Inshore Spinning Rods

St. Croix Tidemaster Inshore Spinning Rods Review

As the name suggests, this is a spinning rod which is designed to perfection for inshore fishing. The rod is extremely flexible, especially near the tip. It's an entirely different kind of rod among all St. Croix fishing rod models.

The Tidemaster comes with graphite made body, which gives it a very long lifetime. The rod comes with 316 stainless steel frame which makes anti-corrosion. It features a reel seat manufactured by Fuji DPS. The rod has an amazingly flexible tip and a backbone strong enough to catch fish big fish like bass, red, flukes, and Snooks, etc. It's also possible due to its carbon graphite blank, which will not tire you. The rod comes in various lengths from short to long, basically 6’6” to 8’. The Tidemaster either comes with moderate or fast action.

The Tidemaster is also very sensitive as well and can help you detect the smallest fish caught by your lure. So catching smaller fish will never be a hassle anymore. You can also catch fish living in shallow water, due to the rod having a sharp hook setting power.

Highlight Features

  • Specially designed for inshore fishing purposes.
  • Made from the highest quality SCII graphite, making it both lightweight and durable.
  • Its hook setting power helps it provide some excellent sensitivity and strength, unlike any other rod.
  • The 316 stainless steel frame helps it prevent corrosion from occurring.
  • Available in various lengths starting from 6’6” up to 8’.
  • A good real seat from manufacturers Fuji DPS.


  • The rod supports fishing styles like plugging, jigging, popping, etc.
  • The rod is designed for shallow water fishing.
  • The rod is very portable as it comes in 3 pieces which can be combined to form one single rod.
  • The steel guides come with a nylon coat which helps be resistant to all types of corrosion.
  • The rod is made from a material that is saltwater grade hardware.


  • When in a single piece mode it is tough to carry around.
  • Cannot be used to fish in extreme climate conditions.

This solidly made fishing rod for both beginners and pro level fishers. This sensitive, robust and durable fishing rod can just be considered among the best saltwater fishing rods of 2017. Buy it now, if you are in the mood of catching some heavy duty fish.

4. G.Loomis E6X Inshore Spinning Rods

G.Loomis E6X Inshore Spinning Rods Review

G.Loomis E6X Inshore Spinning Rods are from legendary rod maker Gary Loomis. For years G Loomis have made some premium quality fishing rods. In 1997 the company was taken over by Shimano. 

The earlier models were specially handmade by G. Loomis and were of the highest premium quality. These rods did not come cheap at all and were purchased by the only fisherman who desired premium quality fishing rods.

The G.Loomis E6X Inshore Spinning Rod was introduced in 2015 and shipped with the same premium quality of earlier versions, but with an affordable price.

The rod comes with the latest features that are available in higher priced models. The rod has technology written all over it. The name E6X itself represents technology. 6 stands for the sixth element of the periodic table, which is “carbon” and X stands for technology found on other G. Loomis rods as well.

The rod can be used for both saltwater and freshwater fishing and is the pretty industry standard. It comes with a carbon fiber blank which makes it both durable and lightweight at the same time. The full cork handle is comfy to hold, and the Fuji components make this one smooth to use a fishing rod

Highlight Features

  • Fuji components like Fuji ECS reel seat and lightweight plus durable Fuji Aluminum Oxide guides.
  • A premium quality handles made of cork.
  • The rod blank is made of high-quality carbon fiber.
  • Comes with multi-taper technology.


  • Made in the USA quality product.
  • A very balanced fishing rod.
  • The Fuji components make it a very smooth to use a fishing rod.
  • Can also be used for freshwater fishing.
  • The rod is very lightweight.


  • The price might be an issue for many fishers.
  • Not very portable and is hard to carry while traveling.

Overall the G. Loomis E6X is very lightweight, high-performance and well-balanced fishing rod. The manufacturer has been in the business for ages and knows what they are doing quite well. Quit your research right now, and buy this rod if you are looking for a sensitive and lightweight saltwater fishing rod.

5. Sougayilang Saltwater Freshwater Fly Fishing Rod with Reel Combo Kit

Sougayilang Saltwater Freshwater Fly Fishing Rod with Reel Combo Kit Review

It's basically a fly fishing rod which can be used in both saltwater and freshwater. The rod is very good at flexing and cam easily be used to catch fish like salmon or even larger fish.Its rod comes packed with an alloy fly fishing reel.

The rod comes with medium fast action perfect for fishing near saltwater. The rod has an average weight of 162 g, making it lightweight for fly fishing.

The rod comes disassembled. The 4 parts of the rod come in a cloth bag, with the alloy fly fishing reel included. It makes it very comfortable to carry around. No worries of it breaking during transportation.

This rod comes with all the equipment you need for fly fishing that too at an affordable price range. The Rod comes packed with a ten lures, a fly fishing rod, fishing reel, fishing line, mini tackle box, 30lb/ 100yards of the backing line, a tapered leader, and a loop connector.

The rod is very balanced, and the reel operates very smoothly when you reel in and out. Sougayilang has never made any small par products, and this combo set has maintained that standard. The rod always keeps the smooth and progressive action.

Highlight Features

  • A very lightweight 30-80 g fishing rod with a fishing reel of 5/6 wt.
  • A fishing reel of weight 162g, which provides smooth operation.
  • Comes packed with 10 lures, a fly fishing rod, fishing reel, fishing line, mini tackle box, 30lb/ 100yards of the backing line, a tapered leader, and a loop connector.
  • Comes with a nice balanced cork based grip.


  • The rod is perfect for both newbies and pro level fishers.
  • Extremely lightweight to use.
  • Has a good length of the backing line.
  • Comes from a trusted brand like Sougayilang.
  • Comes packed in the box with everything you’ll need for fly fishing.


  • Not very weather proof, and can break in heavy weather conditions.

It's a very industry standard fly fishing rod for saltwater and freshwater fishing. The reel that comes with it is an added advantage for its users. Buy it right now, if you want an all-in-one package for fly fishing at a reasonable price.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best fishing rods

Before you buy the best fishing rod, you must take several things into consideration. Price and quality are the first things to consider. But there are some more factors like:

1. Power of the rod

The power of the rod is not in any way related to the length of the rod. For example, rods that bend after a tremendous amount of force is applied on them are considered heavy powered. Some rods will bend very easily and are called light powered rods. Most rods will come with power ratings like medium-light or extra heavy.

2. Length

The longer the rod the further can it be cast. Longer rods are good for inshore fishing.

3. Line rating

The reel helps you determine the line size. A line rating helps you understand which reel to use.

4. Action

This helps you know at which point the rod shaft becomes very rigid and starts to bend.

5. Pieces

This helps you determine how portable the fishing rod is. A fishing rod may come in numerous numbers of parts.

6. The rod butt

A butt is a part that is poked towards your stomach when you tackle big fish. A lighter butt might be more comfortable to use.

7. Handle-grips

Some rods will come with better grips and less comfort. Try to choose wisely, cause end of the day only you know what is comfy to hold. Most handles are made of EVA foam or cork material.

8. Blank material

Blank provides you with the information, of whether your rod is lightweight or heavy to use. Avoid ugly steel rods, as they tend to rust and are not always corrosion free.

9. Guides

Make sure to take note of the company that issued your line guides.

10. Reel seat

Like guides, try to find out which company has manufactured it and how tightly it packs in your reel.

11. Reel

Always try to get a good spinning reel that will not be affected by heavy wind. Also, make sure it can handle 100 yards of fishing line.

12. The length of the handle

The longer the handle, the better flexibility you will get. Longer rods are perfect for fly fishing.

13. Fishing hooks

Try to use small hooks when catching small mouthed species of fish. Always try to use the hook size required for the certain species of fish you have targeted to find.

14. Bait you are using

Try to use live baits. They are better for all types of fishing, especially saltwater fishing.


We hope you have apparently utilized the above buying guide. While compiling the top 5 best saltwater fishing rods of 2017 list, we left no stone unturned to review the best in the game. All of them are industry standard fishing rods that are within anyone’s budget. Also, they have been specially sorted out from millions of bars to provide you with a list of rods that are perfect for saltwater fishing. Hope you find one of your likings. Happy Saltwater fishing!!

David Kimball

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