How To Hold A Fishing Rod – Step By Step Guide For 2018!

Fishing is the best way to spend your leisure time. If you want a fun time with your family, then you must try fishing. But for the beginners, it may be a tough thing to do fishing. But you need to have a basic about fishing. Otherwise, it would be tough for you. And your fun time may turn into a disaster.

The basic thing about fishing is, it's rod and reel. You need to know, how to hold that rod. And there are some rules or techniques. You can easily apply those for holding your rod and reel.

The things you need

The fishing rod​​​, reel, terminal tackle, live baits, fishing lures, anatomy, and all the sets of fishing reels. At the beginning of fishing, you need to collect all the things. It's not about costly expenditure; it's all about the hobby.


There is spinning rig in a pole. And you need to hold the rod with that spinning rig. Do not jump over a boat, or do fishing from a boat directly. Cause it requires a much more practice than the fundamental one. So try to start from the base level. The balance is important. You need to feel comfortable while holding the reel. So try to feel satisfied with your reel. And this comfort level will give you perfect angel for your fishing.

A charter

A fishing charter is essential. If you haven't bought one, then buy it. Or you can borrow it from your neighbor.

Know to hold the rod

As a beginner, you need to get a good grip on your rod. As you are holding this rod for a long time in your hand. A holding of pole depends entirely on the casting of hand. You need to feel comfortable. Put your casting hand under the reel of the fishing rod. And your pinky should be sided over. As an angler, you need to know this. For that, you do not feel uncomfortable.

Grab the rod with your fingers

In front of the reel, tightly grasp the reel of the pole, because you have engaged the pinky under the reel. So this placement of fingers will give you a grip. That's why it should not drop from your hand. Or sometimes your catch must be big. So it needs a total control over your pole.

Do's and don't s

Now the point is about the forbade to hold a fishing rod. There are many reasons for this. But the major one is about grip. You won't get the perfect grip in an imperfect holding of a fishing rod.

Cause a big fish is caught, it may give you a jerk. And the rod should fall from your hand. So you need to hold the pinky below, and the rest of the fingers above. It will give you a perfect grip and will obviously put your fishing experience into a great one.

Angle your rod

This technique you will need when you are fighting with your catch. And for this reason, put your elbow under the rod. It will give you a firm control over the fish. And such angular hand will provide you with a perfect shape for fighting with your catch. Bring the rod to a vertical position. Now without stopping, trying to push the rod forward. Do not put your balance on your shoulder. Try to transfer it to your elbow and arms. So that it won't be irritating. Now release the rod, so that it doesn't feel uncomfortable to you. And finally, you got to throw the fishing rod and tip successfully. If you complain that, your release line is not straight, then don't think. Because it might happen that, you release the line later. You need to release it earlier.

The closing of the ball

The ball you have opened need to close tightly now. You do not need any fast and foremost rule to lock the ball. Just in your free hand lock the ball.

This article is all about how to hold the fishing rod and especially for the beginners. Beginners do not know how to join the parts of a rod. And when you buy something new at home, it's obvious you won't get the result easily. You need to work hard for your goal. So a beginner also needs to concentrate on a rod. Cause the very first thing about fishing is preparing the rod. You must keep in mind that, your rod should be manual. Cause the beginner won't get the instructions of an automated one. It needs a lot of practice for participating in fishing. And it's all about your prestige also. Because if you can't find any fish, then it would be a shameful act. So try to focus on the instructions of the post.

The basic is all about buying a rod. And whenever you buy a rod, buy other related things also. As like reel, terminator, ball, connector and so one. Then try to join them. The first thing is about joining the ball. If you succeeded in this section, then you can finally get to close to your perfect looking fishing rod. Your hand plays a vital role in getting an ideal fishing reel. Not only for the rod but also you need to put a much pressure on your hands while fishing. So you need to practice more so that you can get the relaxed form of your hand. And your outfit also. You must be thinking, what is the use of outfit here? But if you put over a tightly fitted cloth for fishing, then the fish might get scared. Apart from joking, it depends on your comfort zone. So try to assemble all your needs so that you do not need much time for the second trip.

Last words

From the very first line of this article, we tried to give you some suggestion about building a fishing reel and rod, and how do you get the best out of all those instructions. Let's live your life happily.

David Kimball

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