How To Setup a Fishing Rod and Reel – Beginners Guide For 2018!

Going out this weekend? Don't have any idea what to do? Then I have some. The most interesting thing you can do is fishing. And for this reason you don't need anything much. But yes, you need to set up your rod and reel. This is a important thing before fishing. Because you may face problem while setting the rod instantly. So if you don't know how to do this, then we are here. We will help you to do the thing. And our today's writing is all about the setting of fishing rod and reel. You may face problem about spinning rod and reel. And we are here with the solution. Our today's writing is all about what you need, or what things you need for spinning rod and reel. This rod will give you versatility in your fishing and will give you much newer experience in fishing. And this versatility will give you an experience to catch all sorts of fishes.

This will take atleast 30 minutes if you are completely new in this. And it could probably take 10 minutes if you know something about spinning rod and reel.

Things you will need

At first gather all the required things you need for your spinning reel and rod. And you need to gather a basic knowledge about those things. Because you may find different kind and qualities of reel and rod in the market. So check before you purchase.

Spinning reel

Your need should suit your purchase. Because you may find that, you do not need a thing, but you purchased that thing. So you should first make a research about the things. It would be best if you could make a list. And go to your nearby shops for the better knowledge of reels. You can check the reels out in online also. So it's completely on you choice and taste and obviously your needs.

Thing about Spinning rod

Sometimes you may found a spinning reel instead of spinning rod. So you must be careful about choosing. And another important thing is that, the rod sometimes doesn't fit to the reel. So try to measure the rod before purchasing.

Fishing line

Fishing line is completely dependent on fish. Because what type of fish you are expecting,  you should buy such fishing line. So the place you are visiting and the type of fish is also important before purchasing the line.

And then you will need hook and scissors for the fishing reel. Let's give you a suggestion about bait. Take different types of hook or baits with you, so that you could use it to try something different.

Try to figure out the parts

Okey, if you have bought all the products,  now it's your turn to look carefully about the products. Understand the important parts of the fishing rod.


You will find spool here. You will find it in the wound of the fishing rod. And try to figure out the spool carefully.


Now it's turn for handle. Handlet works for the line. You may force the line back on track through using the handle.


It is made of metal. The work of the bail is that, using this bail you can keep the line in it's own position. And it would stop the line from coming out of the spool. You can easily control the line through open and close option of the bail.


It is mainly known as the reel foot. The main work of this is that, it would firmly keep the rod attached with reel.

Drag knob

The work of this knob is to make the line easily come out from spool. And not only that, knob allows you to pull the line, when the bail is off.

Line roller​​​​

It allows the line to stand straight. From the spool to the rod. So it basically guides the line to stay in form.

The work of rod

Basically a rod has a tip, which allows the catcher to feel, when a fish bites the rod. And it is the thinnest part of a rod. But be careful about its breakage. As because it is the thinnest part, it comes in contact with breakage.

Then a rod has a guide. It works as a bridge between the rod and the line. Guides try to keep the line close to rod. It is a circle where the line rotates and attach to the rod. Then you will see a real steel and handle in the Rod. Reel steel works as a puzzle and it connects the reel to the rod. And the handle is as usual. You know about this part. But there is a thing that you don't know. It is sometimes made up of something that is lighter than rod. Because you will be holding the rod for a long period of time.

Coneect the reel to the rod

Try to widen the reel steel so that the reel foot could easily be set down there. Then put the reel foot to the reel seat. And then make sure that the real seat is tighten. Otherwise it may loosen down. So try to harden the seat until it settles down there.

Spool the reel

You may feel impatient only because of proper spooling of reel. And for this reason, you need to open the bail, then you need to put line round the reel. Then tie a knot there. Use two pieces for placing the knot. And then with the resulting piece of line, tie another knot. And then you need to close the bail. So this is the basic work. String and tie the knot of the reel. And then you need to set the drag knob. You need to clockwise pull the drag knob so that you could  tighten or loose the knobs. And then you will need to cast the bait. The last work is reeling the line.

Finally catch some fish then using the techniques. So why to wait. Grab this techniques and became the master of your fishing reel and rod.

David Kimball

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